Your concern

  • Do you strive permanently for an improvement of the methods and therapies in your clinic?

  • Are you committed to interdisciplinary top performance in medical treatments, care, and therapies?

  • Are you looking for new approaches so that patients profit best from the various fields of expertise at your hospital?

Formulating ideas

  • for a research project in a medical environment

  • to achieve the scientific potential of your clinic

  • by applying successfully to participate in public healthcare programs or initiatives of foundations.

Closer to the patient – closer to research

You can hand over this task to me and I will formulate

  • scientific concepts and proposals for you,

  • final reports (in German language only) as well as

  • proposals for financial support of institutions or foundations.

Examples for formulated ideas

  • Strategy to promote the health literacy of a patient group in the segment of highly specialized medicine
  • Concept for an investors’ brochure of a young pharma company
  • PR/fundraising for Svizzera Mon Amour – guest country at Lago Film Fest, Italy
  • Feasibility analysis for the tracking of a cluster’s innovative companies in the French part of Switzerland
  • Concept for the strategic collaboration with stakeholders and -partners for a Federal Commission in the field of high-tech innovation promotion
  • Strategy concept for the long-term promotion of science-based start-ups with the label of a Federal Commission